Yoga Teacher Training

These courses are for those who have ambitions to become Yoga teachers and for those who want to take their practise to the next level

We have two more limited capacity teacher trainings organised for 2017

Yoga teacher trainings are a truly transformational experience. Have 3 weeks to immerse yourself in developing your practise, study and to share in deep personal growth. 

We teach Alignment Based Vinyasa, utilising the latest information about movement and physical alignment. Based on the timeless traditions of classical yoga, we offer the modern perspective with the priority to make your practice more efficient and keep your students safe. We believe that the Yoga practice should be holistic and never cause harm, and that posture can be modified to suit the needs of the practitioner. We also explore fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga to give the body an opportunity to realign into more effective posture.

  1. Develop a strong and intelligent practice
    Focusing on posture, movement, meditation and pranayama our morning yoga session rewires your practise to be stronger and more expressive. While in the evening workshops as we go into more and more detail, helping you understand the how and why of posture and movement.
  2. Getting into detail
    Utilising our comprehensive Yoga teacher training manual we study the details of Yoga practice including philosophy, anatomy, teaching skills, Yoga industry, yogic lifestyle and much more.
  3. Teaching skills
    Bringing knowledge and newly found practice together we develop communication and teaching concepts to transforming you into an effective yoga teacher. We practice communication daily with teaching games, improvisation and even roll play to help find your teaching voice.

Perth, Australia - September 18th 2017

When and where and how many?

- Monday September 18th to Saturday October 7th, 2017

Vital Beat Yoga, Midland, Perth, Australia

- This training is limited to just 16 participants to keep it intimate and effective for all those who sign up

Also included

- Numerous guest presenters & workshops including themes such as authentic marketing, preventing burnout, yin/yang yoga, navigating social media, gaining industry employment, and business requirements.
- Access to all classes held by Vital Beat to deepen and extend your practice for the duration


- Early bird (Until July 31st) $3800AUD
- Full price $4100AUD
- Deposit to secure your place $600

Special guest teachers: 

The entire staff of Vital Beat in Perth are sharing on this YTT. Their knowledge, specialisations and collective years of experience will give you expose you to ideas and paths in Yoga one teacher along can’t.

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Lombok, Indonesia - October 16th 2017

- Kies Villas at Kuta beach, Lombok, Indonesia

- With just 17 other practitioners!

Also included:

- Shared Villa accommodation right next to our yoga shala
- Healthy breakfast, tea and juice every morning
- All classes, tuition, certification, and personal guidance throughout the course
- Transfers from the airport or port on arrival to Lombok

Our special guest teacher:

The amazing Georgina Eve is coming along with us to Lombok to share her in depth understanding of Yoga, anatomy and philosophy. Find out more about her story on her website here


- Early bird until September 1st $3700
- Full price $4000 AUD
- Deposit to secure your place $600 AUD

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To receive an info pack use the contact form at the bottom of the page or if you are ready to register now then click here to secure your place.

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  • What is Yoga?
  • The science of Yoga
  • Yoga history
  • In depth teaching skills
  • Applied anatomy
  • Energetic anatomy
  • Use of props and Yoga therapy
  • Posture analysis
  • Sanskrit and Mantra
  • Developing a Meditation practise
  • Class planning
  • Safety and modifications
  • Pranayama and breath
  • Intelligent adjustments
  • Yogic nutrition
  • Yoga industry and business skills
  • Analysis of Sutras and the 8 limbs of Yoga
  • In-depth alignment and movement workshops


  • RYT 200hr internationally recognized certificate
  • Updated 230 page take home training manual and PDF
  • Mentoring post training

What do our students say about our trainings?

'I had an amazing time at Stefan’s YTT in Lombok. The wealth of knowledge between the three teachers made for a fascinating and engaging learning experience. Personally, my physical practice has improved a lot and my posture has improved significantly! Stefan made every effort to make sure we were on track, happy and healthy. The community developed within the group was amazing in the short amount of time. We made lifelong friends and connections.' - Jarrad (Australia)

"After very short time - intensive 5 days of yoga (breathing techniques, pranayama, asanas, posture analyses,) sun, healthy food, lot of laugh, enough sleep managed to stay fitter, leaner, more flexible (- minus 3kg). Stefan's out of the box thinking and healthy "intelligent" approach to yoga did really made me think as Im teaching yoga classes myself. Stefan is very knowledgeable about anatomy, yoga theory well aware of the traditional yoga teaching too. I bet, we are going to hear about Stefan in "Yoga World" soon." - Natalia (Slovenia)

'I had a great experience doing the YTT 200h with Stefan, my expectations have definitely been topped! The teachers styles complement each other well and I am very grateful for what I have learned from them, it has been incredibly inspiring! I have learned so much about Yoga and about myself. Apart from that we had a great group, and a good place to stay on the very beautiful island of Lombok! ' - Julia (Germany)

"I am very happy to have YYT 200 with Stefan in Lombok. We had 3 amazing weeks and we learned how increase to observe our body and mind day by day and our teaching skills as well. Aside from the contents of the training being prepared smartly, the accommodation and ambiance was very generous and nice. Thank you very much to be a part of my transformation." - Gizem (Turkey)

"Stefan and his co-teacher's offer a great balance. Stefan is a very skilled teacher who clearly takes a lot of influence from his Iyengar training - his demonstrations, cues, workshopping and lectures really helped me develop my physical practice and gave me a solid theoretical grounding in not just how to move, but why. He openly shares from his own leanings as a teacher, and brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to his teaching." - Pia (Brisbane)

"This experience has been so incredible, I am so glad I made the choice to come! We were able to learn so much about alignment, philosophy, and teaching in these weeks. I loved getting to workshop different poses and learn the intricacies of the asanas. The training was such an incredible experience for me and allowed me to grow on and off the mat. I can not recommend this training enough! I loved it!" - Carolyn (USA)

'I had an incredible time doing my 200 hr YTT with Stefan and his team. It has deepened my knowledge of yoga on all levels. The daily asana, pranayama and meditation practices were great and I really enjoyed the workshops, where we got to break down the poses and practice teaching skills. I recommend this training to anyone wanting to become a yoga teacher, or just deepen their practice. ' - Freya (Sweden)

'Stefan's 200 YTT In Lombok is a wonderful, inspiring and challenging experience. Stefan’s knowledge and passion for Asana and alignment is equally balanced with the guest teachers comprehension of and enthusiasm for philosophy. They stretch both your mind and your body beyond your comfort zone and provide great support in your teaching of the practice, by gradually releasing responsibility to you.' - Mirella (Melbourne)

'In the Spring of 2016 I had the pleasure of taking a yoga teacher training with Stefan Camilleri in Bali. As a highly accomplished yogi Stefan's style of teaching is to create an inclusive, caring, challenging, entertaining and fun environment for learning and experimentation with a strong emphasis on safe technique. I highly recommend Stefan Camilleri as an instructor, he is a lovely human being.' Sandra (Canada) 

'Stefan’s yoga teacher training was a great catalyst for me in understanding the importance of proper asana/pose alignment. Having been a yoga practitioner for a year prior to his training, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on knowing the complete essence of the most popular poses.  However, his attention to detail proved to be exactly what I was in need of in order to not only further develop my own personal practice, but also have the confidence to use the tools I learned to effectively teach others in a safe manner. He’s very relatable to the current yoga trends taking place in the USA, which I found great as it allows him to teach with a balance of eastern and western philosophy. I also found his passion for all things pertaining to yoga and openness to adapting to a diverse mix of students to be inspiring.' Brandon (Dallas, USA)

'Stefan’s YTT in Lombok is the perfect mix of physical practice, meditation and fun! I arrived thinking I would not be able to teach after just one training but the preparation, the thoroughness and the diversity of the other guest teachers made for the perfect foundation. I learnt so much from both the teachers and the other students!' - Sabine (Spain)

'Stefan's 200hr YTT is a truly unique and empowering experience. Stefan's commitment to safety and modern teaching practice is of immense value. The combination of alignment-based vinyasa classes, how to cue safe transitions in yoga, plus Iyengar-style posture labs means students depart with a well-rounded understanding of modern and classical yoga approaches. The emphasis on practice teaching from week one, means I left feeling confident to begin teaching yoga immediately; and discussions on the 'business of yoga' has left me inspired and ready to dive into the yoga industry. 

I was challenged in the most supportive of ways. Best of all, I'm leaving more focused, more confident and more disciplined. My own meditation, pranayama, posture and asana practice have improved in leaps and bounds - and I've departed with a community of friends from around the world.

Lastly, Stefan and has teaching team are one in a million. Authentic, honest, fun, passionate, focused and completely committed to yoga in every way. I highly, highly recommend this course.' Uschi (Australia)

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