This is me!


This is me!

Hi, I’m Stefan. I’m a yoga teacher and educator originally from Melbourne, Australia. My favourite things in the world are learning and teaching – and I spend as much of my time as possible doing both. I’ve been lucky enough to study yoga in Australia, the US, Indonesia and India, as well as teaching on every continent except Antarctica.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve taught full time in studios in both English and Spanish, worked on and hosted retreats in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as teacher trainings in Ecuador, Peru, the US, Indonesia and Australia. During this time, I’ve also facilitated workshops in more than 8 different countries. What a ride!

Since 2016 I have been facilitating 200hr teacher trainings globally, but now focus on a limited number of high quality, low capacity offerings in Sri Lanka. I have graduated over 120 students, many of whom enjoy flourishing yoga careers as full time teachers, workshop and retreat facilitators, and even teacher trainers. 

I’m passionate about staying inspired, interested and open, and being careful not to take my own ideas too seriously – and so every year I take a trip to India to immerse myself in my practice and study and leave feeling full of enthusiasm for sharing new knowledge with my students. I also make sure to delve into studies outside of yoga that facilitate my understanding of life both on and off the mat. In 2018 I completed the School of Life Intensive in Melbourne, soaking up knowledge of modern philosophies that help to enhance our everyday lives. The year before that I travelled to South America to learn Spanish. And so my teaching is informed not only from my study of yoga in Australia, India and the US, but also studies outside of the yoga bubble.

I aspire to share with others what I have learned on my journey so far in a way that helps you live your life to the fullest.



What is Alignment Based Vinyasa?

Alignment based Vinyasa is modern yoga with a classical and anatomical twist. It’s less about crazy sequences and imaginative new poses and more about smart sequencing and intelligent movement and actions. It’s similar to what we know as modern yoga, but the difference is that it is more refined. Think of it like a grown up, functional version of modern Vinyasa. The movements are more specific, the poses more purposeful and the teaching style is more intentional, with deep consideration given to the alignment of each shape.

I’ve learned a lot from studying traditional, Iyengar yoga. This classical form of slow, strict, precise (and some might even say daggy!) style of yoga has been around for more than 50 years. Its philosophy and intention is brilliant, but Iyengar yoga is often associated with an out of date attitude that adheres to strict rules that can seem rigid and unsuitable for modern bodies. These old-school values on which Iyengar is based, leaves the practice looking pretty unfashionable compared to modern Vinyasa styles.

But, we can learn from the genius of Iyengar and its Gurus and adapt the practice. We can take the core ideas and make it digestible, fun, light hearted and maybe a little more fashionable. We can modify it in a modern, western context, allowing the new generation of yoga practitioners to understand and appreciate its value.

That’s what Alignment Based Vinyasa is all about – learning from the classical and infusing it with modern understandings of anatomy and life to create a holistic and digestible practice. A yoga that is recognisable to the modern yogi, but with minimal risk of causing injury and emphasis on the roots of this ancient practice. It’s yoga that will make you smile while learning something important along the way. It’s yoga that is built around scientific realities and the classical traditions. Simply put, it’s good yoga!


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