Melanie, Australia
Completing my teacher training with Stefan exceeded my expectations.
Not only was he extremely knowledgeable in alignment based yoga, but he delivered the content with humour and relatability.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his stories and experiences of taking classes in Rishikesh and around the world. This enriched the course and I was particularly impressed how he continues to learn and experience yoga as a student as well as a teacher.
I have begun my own successful yoga school, teaching 6 classes a week and I’ve had great feedback from those attending. I credit my confidence and ability to guide everyone from beginners to regular students to what I learnt during the course. I highly recommend Stefan’s teacher training course!


Laurie, South Africa
Stefan blew me away with his knowledge and teaching abilities.
The course was well structured and balanced and gave me a good understanding of modern yoga having done a training before in India, where classical/ traditional had been the focus. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of Stefan’s amazing training. Hghly recommended.

Kelly, UK
Book this course, it is brilliant in so many ways!
This course has been so well developed, the days are well planned and the instructors really really experienced, fun and wise. All of which, makes for a brilliant training.
You will not be disappointed, Stephan has really put his heart into this course, he will teach you all you need to know and give you the right tools, if going off to do full time yoga teaching is your thing. Even if not, these three weeks together with him will push you physically and mentally but in such a positive way.
Take this time for yourself to do this, you’ll treasure it forever.
The place was stunning too, lovely pool, great food and drinks, the breakfast included is delicious. And the staff very helpful and caring.
My bed was heaven, which is good as you sleep like a light after a full day of training!

Johanna, Germany
Stefan and Sara have made the YTT an incredible time for all participants.
With a focus on modern alignment and the prevention of injuries I have gained a lot of knowledge for myself and future students. The accommodation and the included breakfast could not have been better. In the free time at noon and in the evening as well as on Sunday was enough time to explore the place and the surrounding area.

Vita, Manila, Philippines
Before I found Stefan I literally spoke to almost a hundred of teachers offering the same package and training. I am fortunate enough I came across Stefan who took the time and the effort to guide me with my yoga journey.
Thank you Stefan and Sarah for creating the space for me to deepen my practice and at the-same time helping me to find the balance between fun and discipline. I have to say that after 3 weeks of intensive practice I have improved my posture and gained so much confidence in my teaching abilities.

Melanie, Australia
An incredible teacher training experience. Stef is so knowledgeable and passionate, as well as engaging and funny. I learnt so much and am now teaching regular classes with lots of great feedback. Highly recommended teacher training.

Esmée, Netherlands
One of the best experiences in my life!
A well rounded and fun introduction into teaching yoga. The combination between theory and practice is perfect (you start teaching from the very first week). The focus on safety, anatomy and the science of yoga while still including the more traditional philosophy and history is all I could ask for! Can’t wait for additional trainings to be available!

Nita, Australia
Stefan is an incredible man who truly gives the gift that is yoga –
free of any ego, intent or expectations. To be fortunate enough to be under his guidance is an experience of a lifetime.

I am now living and breathing my dream and it is thanks to Stefan for opening the door to a life of being a yoga teacher.

Claire, UK
A magical experience backed by excellent training!
This training has truly been one of the most special things I have done in my life. Stefan is an excellent teacher and mentor who coached us in all things asana, mediation, philosophy and communication skills and more, he has created a course with the perfect blend between discipline in our practice and also providing a lot of fun! The group had such a great bond and I have made friends for life in our YTT family! I am so excited to develop as a yoga teacher and I thank Stefan and Sara so much for their coaching and encouragement as I explore this new avenue in my life. The location and surroundings are also really beautiful and only add to the magic! Truly wonderful experience which I will keep it with me always including my corrected posture change which has transformed not only my height but also some things deep within me! 10/10

Theresa, Austria
A lifechanging experience!
Stefan and Sara are the perfect team for this training and they managed to communicate their profound Yoga knowledge in a simple and easy way. It has been three intense weeks fully packed with Yoga. Perfect to create new habits and better postures. Always thinking about our safety, Stefan managed to respond to every of his students and needs indiviually. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become a Yoga teacher or just improve his/her Yoga skills.

Corné, Australia
YTT with Stefan is a life changing experience.
He has immense knowledge of alignment based yoga is incredibly generous in sharing. My training with him and his team gave me the confidence to start my teaching career with plenty of value to bring my students. He is a highly skilled teacher trainer with a unique ability to connect with a diverse group of people and meet very individual needs. He has a wonderful, pragmatic outlook on applying eastern philosophy and yogic principles to everyday western life. Attending this training was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Sara Zavik, USA (Co-Teacher)
This teacher training is like no other! Sharing a fresh, modern perspective to the traditional practice, it is incredibly fascinating and inspiring to see Stefan take complex information and make it fun and accessible for all levels. Co-facilitating this training for the past 2 years with Stefan has been an absolute treat, learning more and more every training and building long-lasting connections. Highly recommended 👍👍

Clare, Australia 
This training was life changing.
I went in wanting to deepen my own practise and my understanding of yoga as a way of life, and I came out feeling that not only had I deepened my own practise, but that with this understanding I felt capable of teaching. Stefan has a unique style of teaching that is so personable and relatable. His genuine and authentic approach created a space where I could learn effectively – to ask questions, make mistakes and step outside of my comfort zone. An area of focus in the training that I felt to be very valuable as a practitioner and teacher was on alignment and anatomical movement. We went into great depth with this, and on this fundamental understanding of a safe, constructive practise I feel I can now explore other elements of the practise. An incredible training, with a super experienced, knowledgeable and amazing lead teacher. I would highly recommend to all practitioners and teachers. Thank you Stef!


Maria, Sweden
Stefan is an incredible teacher.
He is knowledgeable, passionate, and has a great sense of humour. Teaching seems to come very naturally for him. He is super approachable and has a very authentic style. We also had two other teachers, Sara and Clare who were amazing and very helpful. The 3 week training was well-planned and a good mix of philosophy, asana, pranayama, and meditation. We started practicing teaching from day 1 which was so important and really helped to make us more comfortable. The group was not too big which meant that the teachers were able to give a lot of individual attention and help. Cannot recommend this course enough! 🙂

Pip, UK 
I completed my YTT with Stefan Camilleri Yoga in March 2018.
I really believe it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and it has made a huge positive impact on my outlook, and life, ever since!
Stefan brings so much fun to the classroom and has a wealth of knowledge. His contagious energy kept me engaged through the entire course 🤓 thanks for an awesome, life changing experience 😁😁😁

Uschi, Australia
Stefan’s 200 hr YTT is a truly unique and empowering experience.
Stefan’s commitment to safety and modern teaching practice is of immense value. The combination of alignment-based vinyasa classes, how to cue safe transitions in yoga, plus Iyengar-style posture labs means students depart with a well-rounded understanding of modern and classical yoga approaches. The emphasis on practice teaching from week one, means I left feeling confident to begin teaching yoga immediately; and discussions on the “business of yoga” has left me inspired and ready to dive into the yoga industry.
I was challenged in the most supportive of ways. Best of all, I’m leaving more focused, more confident and more disciplined. My own meditation, pranayama, posture and asana practice have improved in leaps and bounds – and I’ve departed with a community of friends from around the world.
Lastly, Stefan and has teaching team is one in a million. Authentic, honest, fun, passionate, focused and completely committed to yoga in every way. I highly, highly recommend this course.

Sara, Switzerland
Amazing experience. Stefan is a wonderful teacher.
He is good and very friendly. Always smiling ! He taught us so much and gave us useful tools and tips from his personal experience in addition to all the solid knowledge. Anyone who wants to open a personal transformation has to do this kind of training, and particulary with Stefan and his crue. True people who love their job and who give you the informations in the right way. Many styles classes during the training and the most perfect experience of different yoga practice with different teachers. Meditation Classes, Anatomy Classes, Philosophy Classes, Asanas Classes, Art of teaching Classes, workshops, … I loved all. I highly recommend this school as an unique inner experience and a nice way to find the real power of Yoga. You will learn so much about yoga and about yourself. You will grow, cry, laugh, make new best friends and you won’t ever want to leave. Namaste


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We’re so humbled by the achievments of our student’s –

All of whom experience profound shifts in their lives as a result of completing their YTT with us. Some walk a little taller with more confidence, others feel stronger in their physical practice, and most leave with a deeper understanding of yoga, philosophy and how to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Many of our trainees experience transformation in their careers and relationships. Some of them go on to enjoy a complete career change, integrating yoga into their profession or focusing solely on teaching. Others simply add yoga teaching to their professional repertoire and integrate the practice more deeply into their lifestyles, which creates positive impacts in their relationships and daily life.

Many of our trainees go on to become highly successful teachers. Some, like Julia Piper, travel the world running retreats and events in places like Morocco and Palestine. While others, like Lauren Ginacriscofaro, teach full time schedules in their home towns. And one of our recent graduates, Clare Young has even assisted trainings with us in both Perth and Indonesia!

Whatever you decide to go after completing your YTT, be inspired by the achievements of others and know that there are a great many ways to make a shift in your personal and professional life through becoming qualified to teach. In just a few short weeks, you can experience some of the biggest transformations of your life, and we are so excited to share in the journey with you.


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